Every year, we have cute toddlers joining our Nursery class at the age of 3. Learning at this level is focused on action activities like rhyming, drawing, tracing, coloring, vocabulary building and exercises designed to enhance visual and auditory capability of the students. In order to ensure sound physical growth, students are taken for outing in nearby parks and playing spaces.

Academically, towards the end of the academic session, Nursery students are able to read and write English and Nepali alphabets and numbers. Gradually, they also develop English communication skills.

Before graduating to Lower Kindergarten level, nursery students master the following study areas:

– Recite, identify and write lower and upper case case English alphabets
– Recite, identify and write numbers from 1 to 10
– Recognize and write his/her first name in English
– Recite and write Nepali vowels
– Recite Nepali consonants
– Basic English communication