Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities play important role in the overall development of children. Together, academic subjects and extracurricular activities complement each other and develop well-rounded and healthier students.

We are increasingly introducing a comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities that include include ceremonial events (entrance and graduation ceremonies); cultural events (school concerts); health, safety, and sports events (athletic meeting/sports days (undokai)); excursions, exchanges etc.  Extra-curricular activities are usually carried out on Fridays.

Sports Activities
At EISJ we offer regular soccer training to our students. Mr Basanta Gauchan, former national Soccer player of Nepal is currently providing soccer training to our students. Some of our senior students are also participating in a soccer camp conducted by Mr. Gauchan in the weekends.

Thanks to the support of Suginami No 7 Elementary School, our students now use the playground of Suginami Dai 7 Elementary School on a weekly basis to practice Soccer, Basketball and other athletic sports.

We have also arranged facility for students to play Table Tennis indoor at school. Kindergarten students normally go outdoor to play swing, sliders etc.

Dance and music
During the course of the last two years, our students have performed in various events organized by both Japanese and Nepali community in Tokyo. They were even awarded with the Special Prize for there stage performance at Multicultural Youth Festival 2013. They have performed and immensely impressed the audiences at Nepal Festival program 2013 & 2014 organized at Ueno Park, Tokyo. Our students have also danced in local frstivals such as Asagaya Children Festival organized by Suginami NPO Center.

In order to further enhance our students dancing skills, we have now recruited a professional dancer Ms. Bimla Jimba to provide dance training to our students. Currently our primary students attend dance sessions every Friday on a class-wise basis. Also, some of our students participate in street dance sessions organized at Asagaya jidoukan by a Japanese volunteer group.

Field Trips and exchanges
During the academic year 2014, our students participated in several field trips
1) Nursery and LKG students visited Tamagawa Zoo.
2) Nursery and LKG students went for sweet potato harvesting in Ogikubo, Tokyo
3) UKG and Grade 1 students went for vegetable harvesting in Nerima Ku
4) Grade 2 to Grade 4 students went for persimmon harvesting in Ogikubo, Tokyo
5) Grade 2 to grade 4 students visited Science Museum in Kudanshita Tokyo
5) Grade 1 to Grade 4 students visited space exhibition organized by JAXA at Makuhari, Chiba

Speech and Quizzes
One of our main goals is to train our students to be more confident, articulate and competitive. Therefore, we have engaged our students in speech activities at school and outside school.

Outside of the school, our senior students have had opportunity to participate in Japanese language speech contest organized by Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange.Our students have also delivered speech in front of the members of Suginami Rotary Club.

At school, we have developed a system where our students representing each class from UKG level to Grade 4 are nominated to make speeches during the assembly time on every Fridays.