Message of Chairman

Namaste, Konnichiwa

The long-cherished hopes of Nepalese citizens, establishing an international school in Japan finally came to reality on April 2013 with the overwhelming support of Nepalese residents in Japan. On behalf of our management committee, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the school board, promoters, guardians, school teachers/staff, school principal, media along with all the Nepalese, Japanese and international well-wishers for their continued support .

As initially targeted, we believe that the establishment of Everest International School, Japan has made it possible for Nepalese parents to properly educate their children in Japan. Not only are the parents able to educate their children under their direct supervision, the operation of Everest International School, Japan has made it possible for students to learn and practice Nepalese language, values and culture.

Also, we believe that the establishment of Everest International School, Japan has promoted cooperation and mutual understanding between  the Nepalese community and Japanese community. The growing number of Japanese students at our school and the support we have received from the Japanese dignitaries, city officials and volunteers indicate that Everest International School, Japan will greatly boost both official studies and grass root exchanges and cooperation between the two communities. Since, I have had the opportunity to lead the Non Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) as the role of president. I realized the upmost importance of an international school based outside of Nepal. To create an international environment where different nationalities and cultures can work and study together in harmony.

As we all know, it is more challenging to sustain an initiative than initiating it. This has been true in our case too. With the growing number of students, we have faced challenges ranging from the day-to- day issues to lack of spacious classrooms, playground facilities, etc. Fortunately, with the support and understanding of the parents, hard work of the teachers, proactive management of our principal, we are addressing these problems and challenges. Indeed, we are committed to providing the best possible environment for students to achieve success in terms of academic and personal achievements for a better goal in life.

We appreciate and welcome the support and suggestions from each and every one of you.

Thank You.