An earthquake of M 7.8 struck Nepal on 25th April 2015 followed by major aftershocks. This Earthquake caused more than 8000 deaths, more than 24000 injuries and significant physical damages to houses, buildings, roads and villages and towns. Everest International School, Japan (EISJ) family would like to extend heart-felt condolence to all those who lost their lives. We sincerely hope that the individuals, families and communities affected by the Earthquake will get necessary support in their quest to recovery.

In the aftermath of the Earthquake in Nepal, EISJ started a fund-raising campaign primarily focusing on Suginami Ku. Students, parents  staffs, promoters of EISJ and the members of Nepalese community participated in this campaign with proactive support from local Japanese community organizations such as Suginami Ku, Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange, Suginami Kumin Center, JR Asagaya Station, Asagaya Pearl Center etc and number of Japanese well-wishers

According to the Nepal government reports, Earthquake affected more than  16000 schools, completely damaging more than 5000 schools and affecting more than 1 million students. Everest International School, Japan (EISJ) is implementing “Build a Future Project” seeking to rebuild schools damaged by 2015 Earthquake in Nepal. The goal of this project is to enhance children’s access to education in the post-Earthquake period. To this end, EISJ has decided to fund the reconstruction of five primary schools in five affected districts in Nepal.

We sincerely appreciate the generous donations offered to EISJ by Japanese well-wishers in Suginami Ku and other areas. We are also grateful of support received from Suginami Ku, Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange, Suginami NPO Support Center, Asagaya Pearl Center, various schools and student groups and Japanese and Nepali volunteers and Japanese media.


As of 28th April 2016, EISJ has raised a total of 8,436,772 yen (8.43 million yen).

– Total fund raised: 8,436,772 yen (8.43 Million Yen)
– Contribution to Prime Minister Relief Fund through Nepal Embassy, Japan: 250,000 yen (0.25 Million yen)
– Contribution to Nepal Earthquake Victim Relief and Help Association, Japan (NEVRHA): 250,000 Yen (0,25 million yen)
– Site survey and design cost:190,386 Yen
– Construction of Mahakaleshwor Primary School):
– Remaining fund: 7,640,061 Yen (764  Man)



Shree Mahakaleshwor Primary School, Bhaktapur

Status of the project

  • Completion of the construction of five-room Earthquake proof school building at the cost of Nepalese Rupees 2,695,000.
  • School building formally handed over to school management in the presence of Dr. Dilli Ram Rimal, Acting Secretary of Ministry of Education, Nepal Government and Mr. Pradip Thapa, Principal of Everest International School, Japan
  • Primary level classes are being currently run at a newly constructed building

2. Shree Janajagriti Primary School, Sindhupalchok

Status of the project

  • School building design approved by Ministry of Education and Nepal Government
  • Construction work to start shortly under the monitoring of District Education Office, Sindhupalchok and Education Department, Ministry of Education, Nepal Government



EISJ is committed to update the progress of “Build a Future Project” with our donors. So far, EISJ has organized three public seminars to this end.

  1. Ist Seminar( 5th June 2015):-Reporting about the fundraising and the preliminary idea of Build a Future Project by Mr. Pradip Thapa (Principal EISJ) and Briefing about the situation in Nepal by Mr. Jigyan Kumar Thapa (Advisor, EISJ) ; Partcipation of about 40 participants including donors, officials of  Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange, Suginami Kumin Center, Suginami Rotary Club, Child Fund, Japan, L’Oreal, Japan, EISJ staffs, parents and BOD members. 
  2. IInd Seminar (25th November 2016):- a) Briefing about the fund raising and progress of Build a Future Project by Pradip Thapa (Principal, EISJ)  (b) briefing about the Post-Earthquake rebuilding activities (in Nepal) of Japan-Israel Support Program (JISP) by JISP members. Participation of about 18 individuals, mostly donors and representative/s of local Japanese community organizations
  3. IIIrd Seminar (21 April 2016):- This seminar was co-organized by Everest International School, Japan and Suginami Association for Cultural Exchange to mark the first year since Earthquake happened in Nepal. a) Briefing about Build a Future Project by Ms. Momoko Ozawa, Public relations in-charge of EISJ (icluding the report of workshop organized at Mahankaleshwor School in Bhaktapur in the presence of Ms. Ozawa) (b) Briefing about EISJ and Nepalese Community in Suginami Ku by Mr. Pradip Thapa (Principal, EISJ), (c) Briefing about the current status of rebuilding in Nepal by Dr. Bhupal Man Shrestha (Chairman, EISJ) and (d) Briefing about the post-earthquake support activities of Child Fund Japan by Mrs. Tamami Obakota (representative of Child Fund, Japan).