Lower Kindergarten Level (LKG)

Generally, students aged four years old before April of the concerned academic year are enrolled into Lower Kindergarten class (LKG).

At lower Kindergarten Level, focus is progressively shifted to typical academic activities based on following specialized courses.

English: In order to enhance English communication skills of our students, we are currently using GrapeSEED English Curriculum for Lower Kindergarten class. Developed by Meysen Kidergarten in Sendai, this curriculum is being used at schools in different countries, including Japan and the US. Unlike conventional English teaching that focuses on learning grammar and vocabulary, GrapeSEED curriculum puts emphasis on listening, followed by speaking; then reading and finally writing- just like the way children learn there mother tongue. The curriculum includes text and audio-visual materials such as books, CDs and DVDs that provide the repeated exposure necessary for fluency, together with opportunity to mimic spoken English. To ensure that students learn to communicate in standard English, GrapeSEED English is taught by a native English teacher.

GrapeSEED English teaching is complemented by a regular English class taught by experienced Nepali teachers. This class imparts basic skills in the areas of reading words and writing various forms of alphabets, words and basic sentences.

Building upon the numerical skills developed in Nursery level LKG students cover the following study areas.
– Read and write numbers from 1 to 100
– Write ordinal numbers

– Read and write vowels
– Read and write consonants
– Write two two to three alphabet sentences

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