Message of Ambassador

It is my great pleasure to know that the Everest International School has been successfully able to run up to level of “Grade 7” within the establishment of four years. The School’s achievement has been praiseworthy in fulfilling the aspirations of the increasing numbers of Nepalese Diaspora in Japan.

Nepal and Japan celebrated diamond jubilee of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 2016. More than six decades Nepal and Japan have been enjoying excellent bilateral ties of friendship and cooperation. The school has also become a bonding ties among the people of Nepal and Japan in the teachings of culture, tradition and quality of education in Japan. Our age old bilateral ties of friendship and cooperation has been further strengthened by good work of such institutions.

Nepal’s pride, Mount Everest the highest peak of the world, and the birth place of Lord Buddha has been enhanced by such inspiring deeds of teachings.

I would like to congratulate to the board members, teachers and students of the school and, I wish for the bright future of the School in the days to come.

Prativa Rana
July 21, 2017

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