Fee Structure

ParticularNursery-UKGGrade I-Grade IXGrade XI-Grade XIICambridge Level
Admission Fee50,000JPY & Tax40,000JPY & Tax55,000JPY & Tax 55,000JPY & Tax
Admission Renewal Fee20,000JPY & Tax20,000JPY & Tax
Monthly Tuition Fee50,000JPY & Tax40,000JPY & Tax55,000JPY & Tax75,000JPY & Tax
Library & Books Fee55,000JPY & Tax
Deposit Fee55,000JPY75,000JPY
Science Lab Fee50,000JPY & Tax50,000JPY & Tax

School Account Details
Bank: JP Bank ゆうちょ銀行
Account Number: 10150- 20308791
Account Name: エベレストインターナショナルスクールジャパン
Branch: Asagaya

In case of fee transfer from banks other than post office, parents are requested to use the following bank account number.
(Above account number can be used only when transferring the amount from post office bank account to post office bank account)

Branch: Asagaya
Bank: JP Bank ゆうちょ銀行
Branch Name: 018 (ゼロ イチ ハチ)
Account: General ( 普通)
Account Number: 2030879
Account Name: エベレストインターナショナルスクールジャパン