Support for the Victims of Nepal Earthquake 2015

On 25th May 2015, an Earthquake of magnitude 7.8 strike Nepal killing more than 8000 people, injuring thousands and causing significant physical damages. Another Earthquake of magnitude 7.4 strike Nepal on 12th May 2015 causing further casualties and physical damages. Everest International School, Japan (EISJ) family would like to extend heart-felt condolence to all those who lost their life. Similarly, we would like to wish for the speedy recovery of the injured compatriots.
Providing support to the victims and rebuilding physical structures-houses, schools, roads etc will be a long haul process. At this time of humanitarian tragedy that has engulfed Nepal, Everest International School would like to do its utmost to support individuals, families, communities and Nepal Government in coordination with Japan based Nepali community and our Japanese friends and well-wishers.

To this end, EISJ is currently conducting a fund-raising campaign. We would like to thank our Japanese well-wishers for their generous financial support. For those who are interested to support us, following is our bank account details:
Account Number: 10170-73805811
Bank: Post Office
Branch Number: 018

The amount collected will be primarily used to rebuild damaged schools in Nepal and to support the education of the needy children.





ゆうちょ銀行: 10170 73805811

振込先: トクヒ)ネパールキョウイクシエンセンター
支店番号: 018


– エベレストインターナショナルスクールは、特定非営利活動法人 ネパール教育支援センターによって運営されています。

– この基金に振り込む際、名前をフルネームで入力してください。



Thank you,
Pradip Thapa
Principal, Everest International School, Japan
(03-5335-7379, 080-3972-6584,